Rgb Led Tape

Rgb Led Tape

A led tape is a strip of light emitting diodes that come with sticking surface since they are typically used for decorating places, though they can also be used in other settings, such as museum and as replacement for theregular fixtures.

The rgb led tape is a long strip of lights which may have a number of colors available but since the entire strip uses the same address; all the leds show the same color. On the other hand, there are rgb strips that may show different colors at the same time. This is achieved by providing multiple addresses for all the leds so each led can be individually dealt with. All led strip lights need 12 or 24v to operate. The rgb lightings are used for creating an ambience and other decoration purposes.


The strips can be used anywhere and everywhere and since they are long and can be divided they serve a plethora of purpose, especially since they are available in different colors. They can also be used with lighted clothing, computer lighting, toys, monitor etc.,

They are also water resistant by covering the strip in a heat conducting layer or epoxy to protect the main circuit to come in contact with water.


Since these lights come in a number of different colors they can cater to different needs of people, e.g.. The white light is a perfect fit for an office setting while blue can be used in pools and for creating a relaxing ambience. Then there is the party red that helps set the mood and tone of the part. Green lights can be used for calmer settings. These lights can also used as disco lights by fitting them on the ceiling since some of them change color intermittently giving off a disco effect.

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